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Advanced Telecare was set up to support organisations across the UK to deliver effective, high quality telecare services.


In 2010 after working on a telecare and telehealth strategy for the West of England, Dylan Martlew brought together a group of care professionals to work on developing an independent telecare service. We saw two markets: (i) private individuals who do not qualify for state funded services, and (ii) service providers who need specialist telecare skills and support to help them develop and deliver their services.


Telecare is a young and rapidly developing market. Telecare service managers and commissioners face significant challenges in determining how to provide effective services. Practitioners face challenges in developing and applying telecare, as well as maintaining their skills in a rapidly changing marketplace.


The UK Government recognise both the benefits that telecare can bring to people and the savings that can be achieved through effective deployment. With the population and health demographics set to dramatically increase the demand for care services, the Government is very supportive of telecare and telehealth services. However funding is limited and within organisations operating on constrained budgets, telecare has to be targeted and delivered effectively and justify the investment it gets.


In 2011 we set up our first regional premium service provider - Avon Telecare - to deliver services directly to private customers.


In 2012, recognising the pressures on local authorities, health services and housing associations, we set up Advanced Telecare to deliver a range of services to: (i) support commissioners to identify and commission effective, value-for-money, high-return services, (ii) support managers to deliver efficient, auditable services with informative management reporting, (iii) support practitioners to assess and prescribe practical, effective telecare solutions, and (iv) make telecare equipment available to all through an online shop.


It is in the public sector that telecare skills have been developed as social services have sought new ways to meet people's needs. With our background in public sector telecare delivery we understand both what it takes to assess, prescribe and provide telecare and what it takes to manage telecare services.


We are passionate about what we do and we want to do it really well. We are happy to listen if you have ideas about how we can improve.